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D44 ground anchor mount


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Hi all,

Got a D44 ground anchor mount for the front of the truck, it has one pin with a clip on it, however no other means of securing a ground anchor, was wondering if any one has a photo of there ground anchor fitted to a Devon anchor holder?

Close up? :)

Thanks in advance


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Hi Grant

You will find that the anchor slides into place. If the mount was on the front of the truck so the pin was on the drivers side of the truck, then you place the anchor in the mount slide it to the drivers side and then to the passengers side, so it slides onto the pin and then place the safety clip on it. the other end of the anchor remains in place as the devon anchor has a piece of metal that protrudes slightly and so this ends up under the anchor mount and holds it steady. Sorry i cant find any pictures on my laptop of it with hte anchor mounted. Its a case of fitting to the truck then you willsee how its meant to go.

Hope that is of some help.


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