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Well its broke


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well i took the risk of buying winch web and it has now broken slightly my fault due to it bunching on a side pull but in my defence it does bunch easily :ph34r: . Anyway im on the look out for some proper synthetic rope now, im sure its been discussed before but whats everyones views as new products come to market? what have you used and what can you recomend? im thinking 125ft 11mm for the 8274 and 100ft for the come up in rear.

so what do you think???

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Ruftracks are very good.

Rope wise I'd go for no more than 100ft of 11mm on the front; 125ft will fit but you'll loose pulling power and you'll find the drum is pretty full leaving no room for bunching. I'd be careful putting plasma on the back with a come-up; they've got in drum brakes IIRC.

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so plasma is the way to go then???

Yes but I'd think about having slightly less than 100 ft on the back, say 80ft. If its the winch I'm thinking about now (basically a Superwinch EP9) then the drum isn't huge. IMHO get an 80ft length for the back, a 100ft length for the front and then save up for (or buy now if funds allow) a 100ft extension. That'll give the best of all worlds.

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IMHO your extension should be a bit shorter than the main rope. Otherwise you can reel in the extension and find the main winch line ain't quite long enough to reach the anchor point. That's the logic I am working on anyway, so using 90' extension and 100' main rope. Don't like digging up ground anchors and resetting them. You blokes with trees on the other hand, have an easy life :P

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