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Steering lock removal without trashing it...?

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I'm just replacing my bulkhead so taking everything off one and putting it on the new one, anyone got any wise idea's as how to remove the steering lock without totally killing it? I was thinking of trying to cut the lower bracket off, then drilling out the bolts and re-fitting with new lower clamp half?


cheers Mav

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I used a grinder with a skinny disk to carefully cut thru the shear bolts where the two halves join.

I guess if you concentrated the grinding on the lower half of the clamp, then as you suggest you'd get away with just replacing the one half.

I think once you've taken the tension off the bolts they should just wind out with some mole grips or similar.

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You can as I have done taken a centre punch to the bolts and remove them that way tapping anti clockwise until they become loose so you can use your fingers on them



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For some reason I thought it wouldn't be quite as easy as that... - hardened bolts, non grindable magic aluminium, the use of some bulletproof steel, age old corrosion bonding the bolts to the alu... I think I may be getting a complex.

I'll be trying the drilling and stud extractor route I think.

Cheers guys, bit of a brain fart on my part I think.

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Haha, sucess. No they are not tight at all... 2 of the easiest bolts I've actually removed from the vehicle... slightly ironic that its for the steering lock!...

that's why the heads shear at a preset torque, you'd be very noticable removing it with the full dash fitted.

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