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question about landrover 1984


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I'm looking to buy rubber window for my car land rover 110 model 1984

I will Attach ment for the rubber

and I have question about the my car door it is handle style I want to change it to push botton style

please if any body know about this e~mail me on


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Rear side window seal is LR part number

Seal for 5mm thick glass -- 330790

Seal for 4mm ---------------MWC4773 Chassis numbers From (V) EA 340457 To (V) KA 926006

Seal for chassis number From (V) KA 926007 --- ALR3966

Retainer strip for all seal noted above is 330791

If you can find some good push button handle doors from a 1988 90 or 110 onwards they are just a straight bolt on fit, make sure you get the matching lock striker part from the door pillar.

All front doors before 1988 had the lift up handle including the first of the wind up window doors.

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Doors will be very expensive, you might find some where you are or try ebay www.ebay.com you need to register & set up a account.

for the window seals try




make sure you check your vehicles chassis number with ranges listed above & if you buy the seals from a UK supplier tell them your chassis number so they can be sure to send the correct parts.

hope that helps, & Welcome to LR4X4. :D

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thank you for reply I don't know what is £25k mean but I like chawtonwhite one or zermatt silver or java black

£25k means 25,000 UK pounds sterling, I think it must be a new vehicle, I don't know where LR90/Trev works, but I'm sure he'll send you further details.

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Export laws do prevent us selling you 'new' defender90 LH but you would be very happy with java black 90 from showroom. zermatt silver being much sought after might incure higher fees and take longer to prepare. When would you like take delivery.

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y'ahkee fares,

itha inti fee hajitan ila ahad min hathihil sayarat, lazim an taftakr jiddan binisbat fikrat an tashtaree sayara al' alinternet min ahad mish ma'ruf. Fee wasaat ochra li'an t'fa'l hatha.

Mumkin fee 'joke' min wajabatik? Tayyib, lakin itha la, laysat fikrat jayyida...

oh - and for spare parts closer to home, try Gulf Stars in Sharjah:

Land Rover Spares in Sharjah







TEL ++971 6 5339600/5339603

FAX ++971 6 5333596/5330900

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