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springs and smoke


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Because there isn't any new post since the 18th, I'll ask some questions :D

First, the springs. I had finally decided to buy a kit of parabolics+Lip shocks from TIC, but they're out of stock until the end of July. Does anyone know where I can find TIC's blue parabolics, in Europe?

Now, the smoke. If I'm on the highway at 80km/h or 50mph (I have 7.50x16 on the 88, so I believe it would be between 90-100km/h or 55-60mph), sometimes there's black smoke going out of the exhaust pipe. This only happens when the revs are high. And if I go at that same speed, high revs too, and have to reduce the speed just by lifting the foot, light-grey smoke exits the exhaust... I have a snorkel, with a mushroom-type head. What does this "smoke color code" mean?

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have u thought about a different make of spring?

i heard that there has been quality issues with springs from TIC nowadays. rocky mountain maybe?

as to regards smoke, which engine is it? petrol or diesel?

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I wasn't aware of those issues with TIC. Anyone knows if they are confirmed or is it just a rumour? :unsure:

forgot to mention the engine, sorry... it's a standard SIII diesel, 3 main bearings

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i used to run TI springs, never had any probs with them, they flexed well.

how old is the engine oil? right grade? worn valve stem seals? bores? have u got piston slap? 2.25 diesels r always a bit smokey from wot i've seen

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Heresy I know, but really, it's not exactly nuclear physics, so all the mainstream parabolics are much of a muchness. If you want good paras sooner, you could try Nigel's shop (Gon2far Suspensions) +44 7812 717 550 (his website is under refurb at the moment). He used to carry TIC but believe he moved over to on of the others due to supply problems.

On the smoke - it's a diesel, it's supposed to smoke. :lol:

Seriously though, black smoke at high revs is nothing to develop an immediate concern about (with regards to your engine that is - as for the well-being of Mother Earth....). It means you are not fully combusting the fuel. Clean your air filter and check whether it wants changing. More air in will probably clean up the black smoke. The light grey/blue smoke merits a closer look. As Tonk says, a bit is not abnormal. If it is more than a bit (use the same measure as for a piece of string) you could be burning a bit of oil and again, Tonk has pointed you at the usual suspects. My guess is valve seats, worn out piston rings, or sloppy bore. In any event, if it's not substantial, I would let it go for a while and just keep a close check on your oil. If you notice an increase in usage, it's worth then pulling the head and having a look. This is not conservative, safe advice, it's lazy, so proceed at your own risk.


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