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Last Minute Pre-tony's Shocker!


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Everything'd been going so well.

New rocksliders made.

Bumper stripped and painted.

ARB Locker in.

Allbrights wired up.

Simex on.

All since monday.

I've managed to loose the new switch for the in-cab winch controller. There's bugger all chance of picking one up tomorrow as I'd ordered it from RS specially.

Does anyone have a toggle switch, to fit about a 12mm hole, with a central 'off' position and two sprung 'on' positions to either side that they could bring along to Tony's? Failing that, anything suitable.....

For those 'in the trade' it's a mom-off-mon toggle switch!

Here's hoping, otherwise it'll be that daft wiry remote thing dangling about the place!

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