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Water pump leaking...oil


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There shouldn't be any oil!

The engine was rebuilt 35000 kms ago, top professional work, the best material...

Well maintained, used mostly off road.

It forms a "pond" over the place I must steam clean time to time.

Have no oil/water mixed, the oil consumption is very low, no overheating.

The oil seems coming fom inside, bottom to top...

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My TDi knowledge is minimal but is it possible the bolt has penetrated an oilway or somesuch and oil is coming back up the bolt hole and weeping out through the gasket? I know some engines you can put the wrong length bolt into the hole and cause damage, no idea if it's likely or even possible here but can't think of much else.

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I wasn't able to fully remove the bolt as it hits the fan.

As it was released water replaced oil, as expected.

The bolt had no signs of oil leakage, nor water.

Tightened to the correct torque... and a little of road to test everything seems to be ok!


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Is this the same position as in your picture?


If so, then there would originally have been a long stud there with a 13mm nut on it.

The stud (and therefore your bolt), will pass right through the pump, timing cover, and timing chest - screwed into the engine block. The rear timing chest has a gasket between it and the engine block, and this is the only place where engine oil is present. It may be that there's a slight oil leak there and oil is passing the gasket and then migrating up the bolt thread. Trying to think of a fix - threadlock/torqueseal wouldn't work, as it would be working 'before' the leak. Best I can think of is remove the bolt, blast brake and clutch cleaner in the hole, wait for it evaporate, then a blob of RTV and replace the bolt. Hopefully, the rtv will migrate up the bolt and effect a seal.

Alternatively -


Les :)

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Hi Les,

Yes it is in the same position.

But in the last 200Kms the leak vanished, perhaps the correct torque was the cure.

If it comes again I'll try the fix you propose, I have somewhere "high pressure" RTV.

Thanks a lot,

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