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Interesting Use of Defender Mirrors

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post-21141-12791308936_thumb.jpgpost-21141-12791309732_thumb.jpg Here are a couple of photos of a Mini based jeep kit car thing that the old chap was building in about 1982

All from scratch.

He used a scrap cooper S for the engine and running gear,

He did get the panel work done after a few years, then it sat on a trailer in our garden for years and slowly rusted away :(

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Stick a front subframe mit engine in the back, 4wd, 4ws, add a winch or two and perfect challenge vehicle, isn't it? :P

That's been done by two companies on a Mini bodyshell. Daniel Richmond of Downtown Engineering did one. Maybe John Cooper did one as well.

The problems they had was synchroising the throttles and gearchanges.

Those were the free and easy days of motoring.

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I always loved Mini Mokes since I first saw one. Also always loved Range Rovers. The (un)natural mating of these two thoughts several years ago resulted in the chimera concept of a "Mega Moke" ® - an RRC underneath with bodywork which copies the Mini Moke as closely as possible but scaled up of course. It is still my plan to do it one day with my current car when I finally get fed up with patching the standard bodywork...

Aw buggerit - let's do it now! Where's me angle-grinder? ;)


p.s. I bet someone is going to bust my balloon now and tell me it's already been done...

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