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19J to 300 TDi conversion - clutch parts

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As posted about previously, I'm re-building my RHD 1990 90 onto a new galv'd chassis and converting from a 2.5TD to a 300 TDi at the same time.

I've now got the bulkhead fitted and have come to fit the clutch pedal and pipework today.

I've got a 300 TDi slave cylinder (and the associated bracket, short metal pipe and the widget which switches the pipe through 180 deg.) but I was planning to use the original master cylinder.

The 19J clutch slave is on the LH side of the engine, whereas the 300TDi is on the RH side so I need a short metal pipe rather than the old long one since the fixed piping no longer crosses the rear of the engine.

I also find that the thread for the flexible pipe used on the 19J slave cylinder is a different thread to the one in the widget on the 300 TDi slave. I fear this means that the thread on the '300 tdi' master cylinder is also different, so even if I buy the correct combination of flexible and fixed pipe I will find that it won't fit at the master cylinder end.

Can anyone advise a combination of part numbers for the metal and flexible pipes which will provide an off the shelf solution, or, failing that, at least confirm that no such thing exists? I suppose the key question is whether or not the master cylinder pipework threads are different.



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