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I've been thinking about removing the mid section silencer on my exhaust, off a 300Tdi Defender and wondered if anyone had done this and what the out come was?

I have the replacment pipe all I need is an hour to do the job!

Q, do I need new studs for the flanges or will the old ones come out?

Thanks fort your input.


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I swapped out the rusted centre silencer to a "straight thru" pipe (bought from someone on here).

It actually turned out to be a 20 minute job.

Three of the bolts holding the old rusted silencer sheared as I undid them so it only took a few mins to get the old silencer off :rolleyes:

The new pipe went on with new bolts (and copaslip!)

I got in and turned the key and ....... it sounded just like it did before :blink:

Driving it and it still feels just like how it did before the new pipe :huh:

From this, all I can summise is that the centre silencer really doesn't do too much on a 300 tdi!

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Hell, have you lot left anything on? :lol:


no cat, no mid box, no back box. pipe is standard bore and as straight as physically possible (except for a bend over the back axle) and exits out the back.

minimum restriction possible to increase the pressure differential on either side of the turbo - means it spins up much much quicker and at lower revs. Difference is quite marked.

Bit noisier, bit its a 90 with mud tyres and alot of rattles... so who cares?

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on my 300 90, i removed all the 300 system bar the non cat downpipe and bought a second hand Td5 tailpipe and made my own straight through pipe to join them...

I get the same miles out of a tank, driven hard everywhere now than i did taking it real easy before, if driven gently i get about 20 to 30 miles extra. Torque has noticebaly increased i can get the higher gears much sooner and it goes quicker.

Sound wise, it is much louder... sounds awesome when i floor it, turns heads as you drive down the street and cannot help to drop down a gear in tunnels now. when taking it easy it soudns fairly standard however drones ever so slightly more on a motorway. BTW i am 19 so may have differing views on exhaust loudness :)

best modification ive done though!



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