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The MoD seeks to maximise the opportunities for public access to the roads through Imber where

it does not interfere with military training.

When the School of infantry was the main user of Imber Ranges, it took Summer, Christmas and

Easter block leave. These stand down periods made it comparatively easy to open the roads

through Imber Ranges. However, the increasing use of Salisbury Plain Training Area for training

troops for Afghanistan, combined with other high priority training makes public access

increasingly difficult.

This summer roads through Imber Ranges will open as follows:

August 2010 – Closed

September 2010

• From: 1800hrs on Friday 17th September to

1800hrs on Sunday 19th September.

During these two days, it is proposed to have the church open as follows:

• Saturday 18th September 1000 – 1700

this will include the Annual Church Service which will be held at 1500hrs.

• Sunday 19th September 1100 – 1700.

Provisional dates for opening the roads at Christmas 2010 are as follows:

• From 1800hrs on Friday 17th December to

1800hrs on Monday 3rd January 2011

These dates may be changed at Short Notice due to Operational Training Commitments



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What's the deal with Imber? seriously I would like to know.

I've been a couple of times and apart from the Church which is usually closed there is nothing to see, and there are no BW's only the tarmac roads or am I missing something.

I've read that in the past the houses were as if the people had just left for the weekend, but now there seems to be only block training shells.

Please what am I missing?


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Please what am I missing?

IMHO not a lot.

Some people like to go to the church. Some like to see the tanks. Some people use it as an opportunity to park up and then walk offf-piste among the UXBs. For others (Me) it is a short cut or alternative to the usual route. As far as I can see that is about it.

Those in the know tell me that Imber will be open a lot less in the future.


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