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Clutch Issues

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Now and then my clutch just works in no more, foot to the floor and it just lets me change in/out of gear.

This happens about once or twice every dozen or so changes and some times it will be not happen for a day

or two. Other times it is bang on with no issues at all.

There is no apparent sign of fluid leaks for the master or slave cylinder. The fluid is very black looking

and thought that maybe it is just needs bleed or replace totally.

Am I wrong and it is the clutch that has gone/way out or poss slave cylinder.

It is a Disco engine/box in my 90, can you drop the box with engine in situe or is it a complete removal.

Any pointers would be great.

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change the fuild first, the black residue leans to poorly seals in the cylinders,

how long has the clutch been fitted ? it maybe past it's best & need changing.

lots of info in the Tech Archive, have a look through the index.

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