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would you replace this CV joint?


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got my 86reg 90's front axle in its diagramatic exploded form... Replacing oil seals, stub axlee, bearings etc.

Half shafts are 10-23 type don't look to bad at the 10 end.


My CV joints have some pitting, by no means bad, but the balls are starting to show it. While they're out (the CV complete) would you change them out for a "quality" replacment one? From what I can feel there is very little play in the joint itself. Just the marking on the balls and race etc.







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GKN are genuine fitment.. Aftermarket one's can be suspect in quality.

Where ever you get it from make sure its Genuine..

Paddocks, Craddocks will supply Genuine - GKN, Timkin etc if you ask.

Craddocks just quoted me 300 squid plus for a GKN one... unfortunatly I'm not that rich... unless someone knows an alternative supplier of GKN parts, I think I will be looking at a Bearmach one...

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My god.. I use to manage a Bearmach shop and GKN CV joints were no where near £300.. That’s just nuts.

I would say less than a third of that.

Do you have a Bearmach near you?

Unfortunatly I don't have much near me!

I just got this reply from Offroad rovers, when I enquired about AEU2522 - surely this part isn't obsolete?


No not at all it is our company policy not to supply any Britpart products due to their horrendous quality issues. This product is not from Bearmach we get these from one of our other Land Rover suppliers (Premier) and is a very good quality product, if you prefer we can supply you a Bearmach brand version for £44.99. We have just phoned Bearmach and Land Rover and the GKN version is no longer available neither is Genuine Land Rover (Obsolete part). But be assured this is not Britpart.

Best regards Jay

www.offroadrovers.co.uk "

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