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NATO hook seized

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Hello, the NATO hook was on my 90 when I bought it but I have never used it.

When I checked it out today I found that it have seized, it won't rotate.

I tried to loosen the big Philips screws, to see if I could take it apart

to lubricate or clean it up but the screws wouldn't budge.

What's your experience, is it worth the effort to get those screws out

by some means or will it be knackered inside anyway?

The hook looks like this:


Cheers, Tomas

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leave it closed, use a grease gun on the grease nipple [marked as 1 on your photo] to get grease into the pivot area, get a long bar & slide it in the hook area [2] remove the pivot lock pin [3] & move the lock bar [4] clear, then rotate the hook with the longbar until it frees off.

also remove the pins marked as 5 & 6, so you can clean up the pins & parts of the top latch. did this to mine recently & it now works easily.

good grease such as a general purpose vehicle/wheel bearing grease will be fine


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When mine seized a few years ago I simply(!) undid to four screws that hold the front plates to the back, then pumped some grease in through the nipple. This forces the hook to separate from the "spike" it rotates around.

After that it was just a case of a good soaking with some penetrating oil and a regrease to restore it to full working order.


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I did this today, as Western said- grease (I kept shooting in new grease until the old carp started to ooze out) then undid the locking mechanism and stuck a 2ft long bit of square tube through. Then I twisted to free it off and re-greased. Job jobbed :D

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