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Which defenders had flick wipe...........

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Both my 200's have intermittent in the down position, then off and then normal and fast continuous.

To do a flick wipe I usually just push it up against the spring enough to trigger the wipe, but not enough to latch over onto normal speed. Tricky, but doable :P

Alternatively just push it either up into normal or down into intermittent and then back to off again. The motor will finish the wipe as normal if your park switch is working properly.

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I can still get a flick wipe, just enough downward movement so the stalk doesn't latch, you can revert to the older system, but you;ll need the other stalk & disconnect the intermittent realy/wiring from the rest of the vehicle, bit of a retrograde step IMHO.

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Mine has intermitent down, hence my question............ it does my head in, i'd rather have flick wipe and no intermittent..................

If the water tank is empty, the push-to-spray is essentially a flick wipe :ph34r:

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My 1987 V8 SW has flick wipe and no intermittent.

You push the stalk down for flick, and up once for slow continuous wipe, and up again for slightly faster.

I recently replaced my stalk with a PRC3900 because the spring had gone, that was the right part for the flick wipe.

Presume you have a relay/delay unit that you'll have to remove.


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