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Hiring Fridges

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I'm off on a little trip this coming August bank holiday weekend, and I want to take a camping fridge with me for cooling of necessities (beer...and food too maybe, if there's room :P), now I have a small Waeco thermoelectric thingy which works ok but it didn't keep things cold enough (only managed to get it down to 10°C) and flattened the battery over night.

The choice of which fridge to go for is not an issue, I know I need a proper compressor type one and Waeco's Coolfreeze range seems as good as any other, but the problem I have is that I am not really likely to use it again for at least a year and so I am loathe to spend £300 odd on something which will get such little use!

I am sure someone somewhere hires these things out? Doesn't have to be a Waeco, an Engel or whatever would be fine, so long as it'll maintain fridge temperatures (3°C ish) in the UK's heat, run on 12V, and not flatten the battery overnight.

Does anybody know of any companies that hire these out? Can't find anything on Google, either it's not out there or my skills are fading!

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