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Sorry if this is yours but.........


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Not the prettiest car i've seen, my question is, will it pass MSA scrutineering. dry.gif It is apparently a comp safari car after all. rolleyes.gif

I also like the opening line. laugh.gif

Sorry Nick, but don't see a link in the original post...


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I doubt the cage will pass, for comping anyway, as the rear stays are not straight into the chassis.

Apart from the arches which are hideous I quite like the body and interior from a distance and it seems quite well executed. Well considering I don't do new panels anyway.


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I think it looks quite good and reasonably well made, has obviously had a lot of thought put in. and I can see absolutely no reason from the pictures that it would fail scrutineering on a safety front, without going into individual event regulations like tyre sizes and makes etc.

Think it is a good and well made truck.

I also doubt many people could do better.

Lara :ph34r:

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