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stiff gearbox

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I use MT75D in my LT77 gearbox-it's got apparently the same properties as difflock's oil and is a damn site cheaper too(about £12 cheaper)a litre so far It's been really good in my gear box and it's quietened it down and also made the gear shifts smoother too+ it's a lot cooler running on the motorway etc, before anyone says anything it's been ok so far and it's been in there now for well over a year and it's ok, I really hope with my comments that I'm not opening up a can of worms with what I wrote as I can remember a oil thread before that went on a bit :lol:



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My old LT77 needed the ATF changing at intervals of no greater than 12-months (very low annual mileage) otherwise the change really started to get stiff, that said as soon as I got into the habit of doing it annually it gave a great change that was far better than the new R380 that replaced it.

The R380 was always stiff especially when cold. The main dealer didn't want to know saying 'they all do that and LR aren't interested' so as soon as it was out of warranty I fitted some Difflock oils and the was a slight improvement. I am about to carry out another change using Difflock oils (£75 for transfer & gearboxes oils at show prices) and will be interested to see if I can determine a greater change this time as the 'box has now covered more miles.

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