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Just another quick question, apologies as I seem to be posting rather too many recently, to cut to the point I have been given the opportunity by a friend to do an engine transplant for him in exchange for a few beer tokens.. and being a student I am keen to snap up the opportunity!

Initially it look straightforward... taking one engine out of an M-reg 300tdi discovery manual "the donor" and removing old 300tdi out of the P reg discovery automatic and placing the 300tdi from the manual M-reg into the auto P reg. It looked like a simple swapping of the same engine, however before I accepted I had a quick look at haynes for some further guidance, and after a bit of reading I have to following questions;

1. Will a 300tdi out of an manual(R380) be a direct fit to an autobox?

2. If so is it more difficult than putting a 300 into a manual (I have only ever dealt with manual gearboxes and have little experience or confidence with auto's?)

3. Have I bitten of more than I can chew for student mechanic with basic/reasonable skills!?

This may belong in the discovery forum, however I thought that perhaps it may merit attention in the international forum, hope I haven't pushed my luck!



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1.yes there the same block

2.no more difficult as it's a like for like swap.you'll just need to remove the flywheel off the manual and replace with the auto stuff.

3.no not at all.should have it done in a day.

4.are you a man or mouse. :lol:

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As he says above. but....

If you have never dealt with an auto before you need to be carefull when you bolt it up or you could damage the oil pump at the front of the box.

Never done a 300Tdi auto before but I assume it is basically similar to a V8 auto.

The torque converter MUST be fully engaged on the slots on the auto box, (best tie it or wedge it fully in whilst installing the engine). The the torque converter is bolted to the flex plate on the engine once the engine is bolted in. Don't try and bolt the torque convertor to the engine as you would a clutch unit then slide the whole thing in place. This should make more sense when you have the vehicle in front of you with the engine out.

Have a look at a manual first or read the instructions on the Ashcroft transmittions site.

Other than that I found installing an auto easier than a manual gearbox as there are no splines to get to line up.

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there is one difference between the back of the 300tdi for the auto and manual the back plate is thinner on the auto, :angry: just dont ask me how i found that out after swapping from manual to auto on the wifes disco and dont forget to take the spigot bush out the back of the crank

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Dirtynintey: Ye thats what i was referring to. 300tdi Autos have EDC, hence have a different injector pump, MAF, and ECU etc and i think electronic throttle too?.

I guess you could convert the vehicle back to manual throttle and retain the manual 300tdi pump, binning the ECU etc, but you will lose about 10hp unless you tweak the pump on the manual engine.

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