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Spacer on the lift pump

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My lift pump died properly this morning, on my 200tdi defender engine, leaking diesel out under the vehicle. I'm nowhere near my spare one and have 100 miles to drive to get home,so had to go to the dealer who originally wanted £130 for the part! I mananged to get a slight discount, but had no choice but to buy it.

Anyway, the part came with a 1/4inch spacer for where it bolts onto the block. The old pump didnt have a spacer and neither did the one before that. Thats not to say they didnt need one though! When do we need to use the spacers on these pumps. My block has a cast peice where the pump attaches the same shape as the spacer, so i presume i dont need to use it, however, on fitting the pump, even with the cam lobe away from the lever, it still sits up on it slightly without the spacer - is this correct? I think the spacer in my case would mean that the lever would not touch the cam lobe in this position.

The other thing the dealer failed to supply for that price was a single gasket to use if the spacer is not required, so i have used hylomar liquid gasket - hope that will be ok?

Lastly, what are the chances of diesel having got into the sump with this failure? Should i change the oil?


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spacer not required if [as yours has] the raised builtin section, same lift pump is used on the old TD engine & that needs the spacer.

IIRC there's a drain hole in bottom of LP to let any stray fuel out, so it shouldn't hopefully get in the sump.

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Thanks Ralph. Thats what i thought - its running ok. The diesel was pouring out of the drain hole and leaving a puddle underneath. Dont think the oil level has gone up, so reckon thats all ok. Will check it in a couple of days to check the hylomar has held up in the absence of a gasket!

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