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professional waxoyl jobs


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a good friend of mine has been corrupted from an Audi and bought himself a completely standard 07 plate Defender, it's in lovely nick as you'd expect but it is in need of a waxoyl before winter.

now, my friend is a banker (i know boo hiss!) and is about as familiar with getting oily hands as i am at wearing a suit! and i don't have the time or the will to do two vehicles (mine needs a check and touch up before winter)

so i've told him to get it done professionally.

i know of rustmaster and before n after as the two main waxoyl companies, and am well aware of the not-so-good reputation of before n after.

so has anyone had any dealings with rustmaster? or is there anywhere else not hugely far away from berkshire that anyone can recommend?

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Personally I think the bad rep of B'n'A has been because he insists on arguing his point when someone has a complaint and it just goes on and on and makes him look a dick.

I have had several good jobs done by him and have no complaints with either his Waxoyl jobs or his Klean Tect jobs, In fact after 8 years of total abuse, with the Klean Tect on my 90, it still looks better underneath than a 1 year old Defender!! In fact I have absolutely no rust or corrosion anywhere on the chassis or body!!

I would seriously advise to go to Chris at B'n'A and get it done there, tell him you have heard bad stuff and ask him to prove otherwise! He will oblige and unless you are a total pedant you will be extremely happy!!

Remember that pedants can't even satisfy themselves, even though they are experts at self gratification if you know what I mean ;):lol::lol:


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^^Fair enough, with that in mind I think that's all that needs to be said.

As that particular product has received comprehensive and in depth coverage both here and elsewhere in the past (Google the product names if required), I very much doubt there is anything more that can be said.

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