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Is this the reason for no drive ?????

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check the spigot bush in the rear of the crank centre, mine must have got damaged at previous clutch/gearbox refot, as I found bits of bronze bush in the clutch centre, so reckon it jammed it up & the engine just ripped the centre piece out.

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It could just be wear , I've changed loads with the centre torn out , but still with plenty of friction matl left. They generally last about 75-100k miles. Are the damper springs in the centre loose / broken ? Once they become loose the plate is on its way to the bin.

Most of the ones I've seen are Valeo or Borg & Beck so it really is most likely just wear and tear.

As said above check the spigot brg is ok , this supports the input shaft



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i ripped the centre out of my clutch recently too. but it had done 145k miles on the original clutch! so it didnt really owe me anything and i wasnt upset it had died.

all the damper springs were completely shot, so the shock loadings on the (very worn) clutch must have been quite bad.

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IMO, its nothing to do with how the vehicle is being driven. The part simply isnt up to the job.

I've compared a TDi clutch with one from a sierra cosworth (which while at first seems unfair, a standard cossie produces more or less the same torque as a TDi engine) and as you can see:


The TDi one looks hopeless compared with the cossie item. The metal its made from is thinner and more flimsy, not to mention the huge gaps where theres no metal at all.

The "130HD" clutch is supposed to be better, but i'd be tempted to stick a cossie plate in if i was changing the clutch on a tdi (it fits the gearbox just fine!) and i'll be sticking one on the end of my V8.

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I can see similar slots in the steel in the Cosworth clutch too, just next to the friction lining.

I suspect that the clutch is designed to shear before the torque into the transmission becomes too high, like a fusible link.

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