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Canvas roof

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apparently you can paint them with a NATO paint... well that's what I'm doing this weekend so i will let you know how i get on and if it drys / works

Do not paint the canvas tilt on your truck with NATO green paint it will rot it quicker than anything else would, use fabsil or a similar chemical to reproof it- We used to paint the series 3's 90/110 canvas tilt's with NATO green/black and they were rotten within a very short space of time, And yes I am that old to have painted a series 3 with a 2" brush when I was In the army :lol:

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Fabseal is the stuf. I used it to proof my cotton tents many years ago and it was very effective, using anything else (paint?) is just bodging. That said, I have never had to re-proof my LR canvas tilts and none of them have ever leaked (my current one is 7-years old now and still 100% watertight).

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I painted a 109 which had a full canvas roof a few years ago with this


The canvas leaked like a sieve before i painted it and was really badly stained. This smartened it up nicely and stopped the leaks. I cant comment on if it rots the fabric as I dont still have the truck, but as it is paint specifically for the purpose I dont see why it would.

I was very pleased with the results :)

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