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300 TDI Transmission Brake Installation

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Hi all,

I've two questions. I've been searching the Internet but I've not found a satifactory answer to either.

1. I'm in the process of replacing my transmission brake shoes due to oil contamination from the transfer gearbox. With some effort I managed to get the handbrake cable off thw right hand brake shoe during the strip down. For the life of me i can't managed to get the hand brake cable to connect to the new brake pad leaver. It would seem that the spring has to be depressed and slipped over the connector. I've tried brute forced but cant expose enough of the cable. (DO I HAVE TO WIND DOWN THE BRAKE CABLE ADJUSTER), the one under the drivers seat Inspection panel. Or am I missing another way to connect the cable?

2. I'm also replacing the transfer gearbox output shaft oil seal. on the stripdown I've noticed the oil seal cover is missing. Firstly do I need this cover? any idea when I can buy the output shaft oilseal protective cover from?


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