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Starter Motor or Alternator

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Ok I will now demonstrate my complete lack of technical terms and knowledge relating to engines. As I am doing my engine upgrade I am fitting new parts where required. When I removed either the starter motor or alternator and had what I can only describe as a terminal cover cap. I can't remember which it came off of bit it had certainly seen better days - literally fell apart when I took the leads off. I would like to replace but have no idea idea if it's specific to either the Starter Motor or Alternator or if some one added it as a way to protect the leads and terminals from the mud and crud that gets thrown up off road.

Any help appreciated - the engine it came from is a '93 200Tdi Discovery engine. If it's not a Landie part a name of what ever the part is called would be great so I don't look like an idiot when I try and explain what I'm after in a motor factor laugh.gif



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does it look like these red & black battery cable terminal covers

or any of these Autosparks

cable end terminal covers are not shown as seperate parts in LR parts book, normally come pre-fitted to the genuine cable supplied by LR.

Great Ralph just the kind of thing I'm after - the red & black covers look very similiar. I shall go and part with hard earned very shortly!

Thanks for the help really appreciate


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