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Brake improvements

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Any one on here got expeirience of EBC discs and pads or similar im looking to improve /upgrade my brakes my 90 has a stage 1 tune and i sometimes feel the braking could be better all discs and pads are in good order said car has less than 12000 miles on clock cheers chris

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I'm using EBC greenstuff 6000 pads with Delphi discs on my 110. All fairly recently redone - new discs, pipes, hoses,calipers etc. Once bedded in you are supposed to condition the pads with a series of checks from 60 to 10 mph, and I have done this. They and the engine got well hot. I've have never experienced a hint of fade, even towing a horse trailer, but I think they would benefit from more power assistance - they don't have much initial bite, and you need quite a push to lock wheels. Going to try a new servo and vacuum pump at some point to see if that'll make any difference. And they have never ever squealed.


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I put EBC performance discs and Greenstuff pads on my RRC and saw a fair improvement, but of course the discs and pads that came off were worn, so a direct comparison is unfair. I'm very happy with the brakes, though.

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