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Swivel pin housing

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In my continuing maintenance orgy I have finally got round to topping up the swivel pin housings - spent half an hour looking for non-existent filler plug but that is another story!

Having topped them up with EP80/90 there is a marked weeping from the bottom edge of the chrome ball, particularly on the driver's side, so I guess the seals have gone, or at least are almost gone. Is it a big job replacing them?

Also would probably replace the housings too since they could never be termed bling - or does it all come as one? Any other things worth checking whilst I am at it and also any recommendations for parts makers??

Thanks as always


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Thanks, I did do a search but did not find that one. Looks quite a hefty job. As Les says it would have been better to do sooner - though I have no audible clunk so hopefully not too late! One lives and learns but mostly ...

I reckon it will have to wait a while before I do it since it always takes me ages to (a) get all the parts together and (b) pluck up the nerve to tackle the job!

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I've just done this job for the MOT, I'm like you, takes me ages to pluck up the courage but I followed Les' how to write up (there is one for a disco and another for a 90/110), I followed them both (had the laptop in the back of the landie) - no problem at all, takes you through every step with photos for the hard of understanding like me :unsure: .

Go for it :D



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There may be a local member willing to help you out for the cost of some biscuits et all, it's been known to happen!

Not a difficult job, but a messy and laborious one. I did both sides of my 90 the other month. For getting the spline-headed bolts out of the axle tube, I cut the open end off a 14mm spanner and then use a piece of tube slid over the end. Makes for a decent amount of leverage, just got to be careful not to let the ring end slip off the bolt head.

Oh, and Loctite those bolts when you put them back in, plus the ones holding the stub axle in, and the brake caliper bolts :)

Plus buy genuine or OEM parts, although the swivel housings themselves which I bought were Britpart and were brilliant. I've had four of theirs now, two chrome ones for the Series III and two teflon/tungsten for the Defender, and they've all been great. One good thing they make anyhow :)

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When I came to getting the crome ball off the axle I used the 14mm spanner and just tapped it with a hammer, just make sure its on properly and square, hold it square, few quite light taps and they all undid with no damage.

I know hitting it with a hammer is frowned upon but like I said keep it square and it worked for me with no damage.


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Did mine last week :D , make no mistake it's not a 5 minute job and if you follow the instructions

and info. as previously recommended (as I did :P ) it is very do-able also very fiddly and at times

awkward (only in so much as you wish you were double jointed from the neck down <_< ), oh yes and

it's quite dirty too :rolleyes: Took me 5 hours but I changed the break pads while I was at it.

Sweated and swore alot too but when it was finished the sense of acheivement made all worth while ;):D

If you dont have one you might want to invest in a Hub nut socket, other wise you may get stuck early on in the job

and as it's 52mm so quite big and not usualy found in Joe average's tool box.

I would at this point say have fun but that will only happen when you reflect on the job well done afterwards :lol:

All the best Mutley

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