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Warning chimes


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Hi, Every now and again my TD5 gives off three warning chimes when she is started up and I cant fathom what it is, owners manual suggests ABS however no other warnings are visible on the dash board. Only tell tale I have is that sometimes when accelarating the revs stay high whilst changing gear, as in there dont fall off when I take my foot of the gas.

Thanks in advance.

BK. :(

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As oldsscool says, the chimes are normal, mine does the exactly the same, totally random but from what two different dealers have told me, its more noticeable on post 2003.

As for the change point on the Auto, ditto I'm afraid, mine seems to have a mind of its own, sometimes it'll change at 2000 rpm sometimes at 3000 rpm regardless of pedal pressure, accompanied by a booming as the revs build, but they all seem to do this.


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