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Aaarggghhhhh .......(Snorkel Pt 2)

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Run out of BOC Agroshield, borrowed John Ws "last dribbles" - Ta John, now thats run out :(

Ran out of welding rods for gas welding, "Aquired some" (ta Keith) - then run out of Oxygen :angry:

Made a Cardboard "Mark 1" snorkel top, took ages, ...

binned it, looked revolting

So nipped to PW Workshop and bought some 4 1/2 tube from Paul W (ta Paul)

made a better Mark 2 version,

but then b*ggered that up,

so went back to Paul W, bought ANOTHER bit of tube (ta gain Paul - sorry I was grumpy :) ) and made 'Mark 3' version.............

I have had enough of it, tinny of Guniess later and thats it for the bank hols,

has taken ages so far, and yes the top curve is Stainless (PITFA to work with) and yes its welded to Aluminised Steel, ......so don't comment on some of those welds !

Heres the Part 2 version :

Now have to weld up the tube everywhere leaft to do,

......and make the bends underneath to go to the airbox ......



takes ages..Snorkel top is in 4.5 inch verses to tubework in 3.5 inch, gives 25 holes at 20 mm plus drain holes underneath





Madness on a silly scale.

Yes I have the hump with it...how many more hours ???? :(

Nige :P

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Impressive construction, looks like a pretty sound design. Hope it does what you want it to do.


I've found a test for you when the snorkel is finished.

Snorkel Test


Wow! that is some astounding wading! wouldn't like to be in the car on the way home though!

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Well I have to say it...........the bends and all look lovelly, the tubing it self looks nice..........

.............but the top looks feckin 'orrible!

I know mines no oil painting either but.........

I think it would look better without the last 90 in it..........


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I think it looks great.

Good solid "Mad Max" look to it - It's given me ideas for the one we are going to make up for our RRC.

Just a quick Q - is the 4.5" bore just a notional size? or is it based on actual air requirement?



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Hi all,

Its odd, the photos make me go Arrgh ! when I see it, in the flesh and from the front as a 90 on the whole it blends more - prob won't if I go bright yellow or chrome it :lol:

Plans are to get it coloured coded so it blends in, the tube is all that, no restrictions, its 87mm ID 90OD and the 4.5 snorkel top was a thought at getting a snorkel top, may redo it see later what its like finished !

ta for the encoragment


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