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Best prices/vendor for Interco Boggers

B reg 90

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Looking to buy some 38.5x15x16 boggers. Any one bought Interco tyres recently and found a supplier who will give a good price???

Alternatively who would you suggest that I avoid?

Tried most of the UK usual suspects. However I seam to reme,mber a belgian supplier being mentioned previously at the same time as 'good deal' - however can't remember the name.

Ta ,


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You won't get that size at the moment. There were some on ebay (lr90gmc) but he hasn't listed again and was out of stock last time i asked him - i'm not sure where he gets them from ?

Albert in Holland doesn't have either and due to the new rules or something, won't be able to get for some time.

I've ended up going for bigger :wow:


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