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Water coming out of bell housing wading plug??

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Hi there,

I recently took out my wading plugs after doing bala 4x4 last sunday in a standard 90. I was shocked when a cup full of water came out of my bell housing wading plug. I thought the wading plug should have prevented water getting in here.. so could it of get in somewhere else?? Will this have done any damage to the internals, as i have never had water come out of there before and Is there any precautions i need to make before wading in the future. After all it was below 500mm!! Many thanks, Josh

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TBH if you leave it in and don't go anywhere at all, the expansion & contraction of the bellhousing with temperature will draw air in and condensation will collect.

A breather in the top of the bellhousing helps keep it dry as when you hit/splash cold water on the hot bellhousing it can take a big gulp of air through the breather rather than suck in water past seals/joints.

Here's mine (minus several feet of nylon tube to raise it up to head height):


And a push-fit wading plug instead of needing spanners:


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