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OT - wireless webcams


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Despite being in IT - I very rarely get chance to mess about with things like webcams.

I'd like to put some cameras around the house, to keep an eye on a couple of unruly children of mine :(

However I don't want to be nailing UTP or USB cables all over the walls.

I have wireless internet at home.

How would one setup the cameras?

  • Do Bluetooth camera exist, not that I have Bluetooth on any of my computers
  • A wireless access point and IP cameras to link into the exisiting wireless network
  • USB cameras and some kinda USB-> wirelss widget
  • Stop working in the garage and actually supervise the kids (LR content !!)

any pointers please

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I have two wireless web-cam's.

One was cheap off eBay - and corespondingly sh1te.

The other is a panasonic and is pretty good all things considered. The Panasonic one now has remote, motorised pan/tilt.

I have pretty much given up trying to persuade the cheap one to work properly and will buy another Panasonic one with the pan/tilt soon.


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