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Rover Drive

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Devon 4x4 are distributing the DX model, I'm mulling fitting one to my Isuzu/LT85 combo my Tbox is the 1.41 and ultimately I'd like to re-tyre with 265x75xR16 tyres. Has anyone got one of these running in a simialr set up 110? I opted to keep my Santana box and not use the LT77. I did wonder if I could put my transmission oil through the raditor oil cooler that is not being used by the engine (has little cooler on filter stack)

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Cant comment directly on the roverdrive, but i can on the performance with the GKN which has the same ratios as the Roverdrive.

I'm running a GKN with those tyres (BFG ATs) on my 110 (200tdi now fitted) with a 1.4:1 transfer box. When i first fitted it i was a little dissappointed at the performance - i.e. it struggled in 5th + OD to maintain 70 on the motorway and it also seemed to slow the truck down - it felt like it wouldnt go so well in the other gears without the OD engaged (more transmission drag perhaps?. However, now i've fiddled with the fuel (rotated diaphragm) boost (tops at 1.3bar max with foot down and high revs) and fitted a better intercooler, it will pull to 80-85 and cruise at 70 fine (except on steep hills).

As for cooling, i fitted the 'finned' transfer case plate sold by roverdrive in an attempt to keep the transfer box cooler and thus the OD. If you cool the transfer box oil with the Roverdrive fitted you have the added advantage that the roverdrive uses the transfer box oil and thus will benefit more from cool oil than my GKN. There were a few discussions a while back on the international forum regarding using pumps in the sump of the transfer box to run the oil through a cooler.

Hope thats some help.

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Can't comment on tyre size - running 7.50R16 on my 90 in an attempt to get the rather low gearing up to that of 110.

The GKN overdrive makes a big difference on motorways though (little difference in economy, but I now have a higher cruising speed for the same fuel consumption) - sitting around 60-65 is not quite the ear bashing as it was before fitting!

This looks to be a lot stronger, less complex than the GKN.

Will consider swapping when my GKN expires - nothing like having an extra lever to confuse the natives :hysterical:


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Lovely, just the info I was looking for, I'll be looking at fueling in detail later with a "Guru" Just got to save up for that extra lever, still cant beat the 4 I had on the Lightweight!

May revise the tyre size a tad as well though they'll be the last things on the shopping list.

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