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Rear Main Seal


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Hello, I'm in the process of converting a 2004 V8 Auto truck to manual gearbox. I'm well on my way and have all the old parts out. I'm trying to figure out if I should just go ahead and change my rear main seal since I have the crank exposed now anyway. It's not leaking, I would just do it because it's maybe cheap insurance at this point. Or, should I leave well enough alone? Truck has 100,000km on it.

I also question how the job is done. The Rave manual states basically... just remove the seal, and install the new one. The shop I was going to buy the seal from said that I need to drop the oil pan, remove the 5th bearing cap, change the crucifix seals, and the oil pan gasket, to do the job properly. Said that it's hard to do just the rear main seal from behind. He also said it would allow the bearings to be inspected, etc. I'm trying to avoid ship fitter's disease.

Any input appreciated.



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