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replacement alternator

ricky tango

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right i'm not really sure where to look so i thought it was time to stop the headaches and use the forum for what it's meant for,

i need a new alternator , well a new bearing as mines whining away like a goodun. i much prefer buying a replacement as if one bearing gone another wont be to long away knowing my luck ,

engines a 3.9 v 8 with cats

the unit states a1271-100 and the aternator runs its own multi groove belt i had a look on paddocks and the like and couldn't get it to find the part number

any ideas guys and girls as i'd rather replace it before it locks up miles from home

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That part number looks like it could be a 100A magneti A127 type alternator. If it is, they're common and can be found from any decent auto-electrical place. They do come in left and right hands, which is something to watch out for, though you can swap them round if you're happy undoing a few bolts.

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If it's on the multi-blet V8 then it's the same alternator as the 300TDi, I have picked up spare units on the 'bay but often one of the lugs is broken even though they work.

The 100 amp unit fitted to the "interim" serpentine is shorter (same as the P38) and I'm told more prone to failure because of the rear bearing. One of mine exploded!

The 2 types are not interchangeable.

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