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Catalystic converter

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I run a 1996 Defender 300 TDI. This was built in October 1995. Its one of the first ones to be fitted with a cat converter. My question is I would imagine that shortly the front pipe will need re placing. If I change it for one minus the converter will it make any difference to the running of the vehicle? I fancy a stainless system but have been told that they are noisier than the metal ones. Would not having a converter make any difference to the smoke test on MOT?? Any thoughts.I would imagine that someone out there has done this. Thanks in anticipation. Keith

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Cats are not required in UK on diesel engined vehicles, so removal willnot cause any problem at MOT time.

I have a full stainless steel system on my 110, haven't noticed any noise difference between it & a normal mild steel system, mines been on for well over 10 years.

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