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Webasto heater installation


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I've resently bought a used Webasto parking heater for my 1988 3.5 V8 Classic. I've googled around and found some instructions, according to the Webasto manual i should connect a T-pipe to the fuel return pipe nearby the tank.

Would this work for my car, just slice in a T piece in de return pipe near to the tank ?. Is the return pipe in the tank itself long enough to reach the bottom of the tank ?.

And is it hard to get to the tank (fuelpump connections) ?.

Does anyone have some ideas ?.

Thanks again, Frederik.

(Could'nt find anything with the search button, there are a lot of Webasto diesels though laugh.gif )

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From what i remember of Webasto (used to suplly them with parts) they suggest connecting the unit's built in fuel well in series with the fuel return so that all your returned fuel goes through their internal weir syetme, the unit then refils as fast as possible.

Either way it fills from the low pressure return line.

They can either pre-heat or supplimentary heat on cold mornings. The units have also been used on electric minibus conversions, which is where we first got involved.

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I've bought it secondhand by a Webasto dealer, about 300 Euro for a complete and refurbished unit including remote controle and timer. Its a thermotop E supposed to be for small cars, this might be the reason why its cheep but it is working ok!. :P

Why ?. mm the V8 does warmup pretty fast so its not really necessary but its was cheep and fun to install. I'm driving on lpg and i can now switch it over from petrol to lpg a bit sooner.

And yes on cold mornings is it nice to start in a warm car :)

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