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Birthday Bash 2006

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Site TBC But in Bampton Area. 29th July camping from 27th onwards or whatever you need really.

40/50 punch winch challenge.

From the previous thread I have drafted these names.

Anyone else interested let me know

I guess a fair few will drop out now having sold/broken/not finished their vehicles.

so can you let me know asap,

there is a limit of 20 vehicles making the 10 teams

so if you are competing or just coming to watch/marshal

cost is £40 per vehicle (competitors)

BBQ/Beer afterwards/Camping in our fields if you need to.

No Kids allowed, sorry but that's just the way it is.....


Marshals/setting up etc/co-drivers available



Will Warne

Si white

Steve G

Pugwash(co driver spare)

Geoff Beaumont

DSN(vehicle allowing)



Team 0- White90-DSN/Mike Dunlop

Team 1- BishBosh-Exmoor Beast/Mark90-V8Camel Charles Payment received

Team 2- TJ101-Mark Savage/Paul Wightman-Dan Tim Payment received

Team 3- Dunster hybrid-Rob the bob/Recca Payment received

Team 4- Tangoman-Les Brock/Adrian Turner-Pigster

Team 5- Julian/Dave

Team 6- Mo Murphy/Stuart Welland

Team 7- RJL/Lewis Payment received

Team 8- Guildford Dave/Graham DO

Team 9- SimonR-Rocker/Treebloke-wifey Payment received

team 10-Rob hybrid-Will Warne/-Turbocharger/

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Sign me up Tony. :D

Are we going to Bampton again or somewhere else....?

Will, you can biatch for me if you like... :blink:

Need a team mate as I suspect M005 will be conspicuously absent..... :ph34r:

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I'd definitely like to come. Even if catflap is finished I don't know I would want to compete without cage/more experience. Would Like to Biatch for some foo - erm person though.

Will - you look soooooooooooooooooooo not cool in a whistle m8. You stopping for more than a short spell this time?

It was excellent fun last year, what with Bish getting stuck within the first 100yds, scary Ladies, trying to sleep on a slope without rolling out of your tent, etc etc.

Although a winch challenge is a competition - there is no real competitiveness, just real good fun - have any of you seen 1st prize?

There's always the wooden ducks - not that I'm admitting to anything of course. It's those filthy off-roaders that have no respect for others property. :D

Les. :)

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Need a team mate as I suspect M005 will be conspicuously absent..... :ph34r:

Burp :blink: Just got in from wetting the hybrid's head; finally arrived on Monday.

Will see if I can earn enough brownie points changing nappies to get a leave pass for the weekend biatching & drinking.


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FFS Tony

Can't you have your birthday a couple of weeks earlier :P

I come back here on 23 July :angry:

Sorry a bit later in the year would be better. Like the end of Nov when I get back from Canada

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yep were in...

have just told the old man (adrian).

prepare for the damage to begin Les :D

camping - - bugger.. . Adrian get your own tent... and sleeping bag.

Come on Mr Turner and Pigster .....you know you want to :unsure:


Me and Nick are waiting for an answer........

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will let the team member, disclosed himself, if stupid brave enough to team with me !! :(:P

Well looks like the team member was not brave our stupid enough :(

now need a team mate !! please,, do you fancy it Paul W ?? :unsure:

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