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Coolant leak


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Howdy all,

My 96 300tdi disco every now and then chucks out coolant from where the hoses meet the thermostat housing, but there all very tight.Ive recently changed the p gasket, replaced the thermostat and changed the coolant, all has been well until it started doing this for no apparant reason, when the engine is off and still warm, a hissing sound is coming from the coolant reservoir and does this for some time, I was wondering if perhaps the pressure cap is faulty and causing the water to overheat?? The engine temperature guage tells me its not overheating so im baffled.. Has anyone else experienced this or know a solution?

As ever all suggestions will be much appreciated.



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What kind of hose clips are on those hoses - I have found that the spring type clips can do that , especially after they have been opened a few times .

The cap could also be acting up a bit - but have you had any leaks from any other joints ?

My Td5 was losing some coolant due to a failing gasket on the oil cooler ( which is not on the Tdi).

I found that , with the engine at normal temp , if I loosened the cap until I just heard a faint hiss (escaping pressure) then I could go for a long time without having to top up .

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Thanks for that guys, I will try it. Coolant can be seen to be leaking out of the three hoses attached to the thermostat housing and the top radiator hose as well as from the header tank cap, a bit worrying... Anyway I shall give it a blast, and for the price of a new header tak cap I may replace it.



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