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I want to make a gearbox

Night Train

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OK, I want/need to make a gear box to go on the end of a motor to overdrive the output by something between 0.7:1 to 0.6:1.

What I have done in the past is to take some slightly worn out Series transfer box internals and cut them about and then use the gears on shafts, welded on if necessary. However, I can't remember what the tooth count is between the various cogs.

Looking at the tech archive I have found that the LT230 has input gears with 26/41 teeth. That gives me 0.634:1 which is quite good and right where I am looking.

Now, having only messed about wth Series transfer boxes I am not as familiar with the internals of the LT230 so I am less confident about getting the gears and then messing about with them. However, if someone has good photos that would help or better still if someone has an input gear and intermediate gear lying around, unloved and unwanted...

So, what are the tooth counts in a Series transfer box, to refresh my memory and would any one have a set of gears from either box that I could cut up to get the ratio that I want in my gear box?

Thank you.

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I can't help with the tooth count but I have a couple of photos of the transfer box during my series 3 gearbox rebuild, not sure if will help as you seem to be more after details on the LT230 - but you did mention about wanting to be reminded on the series internals:

Mainshaft showing the end which goes into the transfer box:


Shot of the transfer box internals:


Just another angle:


Hope that helps

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Thanks guys, the LT230 looks awkward to cut up. I think I can probably get the ratios from a series box doing a rough measure of the photos, S2 would be easiest, smaller intermediate shaft.

I am also checking out V8 timing chain so have asked about the distance between centres of crank and cam shafts in International.

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It doesn't look as easy to slip a disc cutter in to cut the gears apart and still leave enough surface to weld on without getting too close to the teeth. Also one of them has a diff bolted to it. :D

The primary would be easy to use given the taper rollers though.

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