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200tdi safari snorkel into 300tdi truck


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ok, i've got a 200tdi safari snorkel and the wing it used to live in for a template. from what i've found searching the web there are a few differences between the 2 setups which make it not such a straight forward job. for a change...... 1 different air box. not a problem, cos i've got a 300tdi defender one, which i think will do the job. 2 hole needs to be made in a different place. maybe not a problem cos i've got the old wing to measure from. there's no airflow meter or abs or extra battery to get in the way, so what's gonna trip me up first. any suggestions much appreciated. oh, i know i'll need a step down from the filter to snorkel, which i've got and a u bend pipe off the box. so what else?

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I'm running the 200 Tdi snorkel on my 300 Tdi. I basically changed the 300 Tdi airbox for a 200 Tdi one, and plumbed the pipework that came with the 200 box into the pipework that went into the 300 box. Think I used a bit of tubing to connect the two pipes up. Granted mine is a bit bodgey doing it this way - but it works fine and was cheaper than getting new pipes.

the differences between the 200 and 300 snorkels are where the snorkel comes through the inner wing. There are also two versions for the 300 tdi, one with ABS the other without. The ABS module gets in the way so the snorkel passes through the in-front of the 300 air box, the non ABS comes through behind the air box. The problem you might have is that I believe the 200 snorkel comes through where the air box is (may be wrong)but also safari issued kits where you had to modify the air box to allow the snorkel to work.

In my humble opinion (what ever that is worth) is that you get yourself a 200tdi air box (your defender one may work - not sure if they're the same or not) and plumb that in. I'm not sure what you mean about "2 hole needs to be made in a different place" but basically if you were to bolt that 'template' wing onto you 300 tdi truck, and cut a hole in your inner wing (there is an imprint on your inner wing of what roughly needs to be cut out) then that will work perfectly. The only holes you should need to cut should be on your outer wing which will be the same as the template wing, and the inner wing.

Sorry if thats a bit rambley...


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If you have a 200tdi airbox you won't need to step down the size as the snorkel feeds directly into it. The place on the inner wing where the hole needs to be cut is already stamped I believe so that won't cause you any problems either. Personally I think it's a worthwhile change since the 200 is a much better thought out system all told although since mine is a 200tdi I may be biased. More balanced looking snorkel too. ;)

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great stuff. nice one guys. in my opinion, a rambly answer tends to cover everything better than a short but sweet one, so no worries there. and i agree, a metal cylendar has to be easier to seal up than a complicated cubish shape with loads of drain holes to seal up. ok. angle grinders a dawn.....wish me luck

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Just revisiting this 'Old' topic as I've just bought a 200tdi snorkel off that imfamous auction site. My 300tdi has ABS :-( and I want to fit an aux battery, so I've got a rangie defender style / 200tdi style air box here to fit, anybody got a 200tdi template so I can cut the outer wing?

Any photos of the finished solution would be good too.

What's a safari snorkel weigh - remeber the one off my old defender being about 4-5kgs?

Many thanks, Steve

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