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VW Golf II Clear Lens Headlights

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It's been some time since this topic has been brought up, but I finally found the time to get at it again: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=49835&st=0&p=451366&hl=VW%20golf&fromsearch=1entry451366

On eBay I bought a pair of VW Golf II clear lens headlights for only 1€ plus shipping [18€ total]. Once I had the lights here I seen why they never been converted to fit a Land Rover, as the lamps are larger and the 3 mounting tabs don't match in size or location to Land Rovers. The Land Rover lamps are 167mm across where the Golf II lamps are 177mm across, which makes the Golf lamps more a true 7" lamp. Seeing the difference it threw out the thought that all 7" lamps are the same. :blink:

Anyways the lights have sat in the garage for about a year till I decided yesterday to see what I can do. Sizing the lights up with the Golf mounting plate proved fruitless so I tried just the lamps in the original galvanized bowls. What I figured out is that the 3 mounting tabs on the headlights did sit reasonable well to the original headlight adjuster plates outer edge. But the headlight mounting holes were too big and were way off, therefore closer to the headlight I drilled 3 new 4mm holes. By using a water pass to set the headlamps level I then marked the adjuster plate where the 3 tabs sat. Removing the adjuster plate I drilled 3 3mm holes.


Next I simply screwed the headlight to the adjuster plate using a set of screws that would fit and 4.2 x 16mm fit the bill perfectly. With the screws inserted into the new holes on the headlight tabs, I soon realized that a regular screw driver wouldn't fit. Thankfully the kids have small screw drivers that they use for their RC trucks and those screw drivers proved to be the tool that did the job perfectly. The screws are a tight fit, but using the smaller screw drivers made it easy and shouldn't pose a problem later down the road when changing bulbs. (I found that the flat head screw driver worked better than the star head) ;)


Half ways there.........


And finished up with both sides completed. :D

The original headlight surrounds have enough clearance built into them so that they fit perfectly over the Golf headlights. With the lights on, the light pattern on the garage door was far more larger and brighter than the original lens. By mounting the headlights to the adjuster plate I still have the full movement of the headlight using the original adjuster screws. I've not tested the headlights at night yet, but I'm figuring that the 10mm larger reflector lens should give more useful light on the road in front of me.

Time will tell. ;)


To finish this project up, later this week I'll install a set of position lights in the vacant holes that are visible in the Golf headlamps. Plus I'll drop by the dealership so that they can use the proper equipment to align the lights.


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That's a nice conversion and I expect they'll give brighter and cleaner light, but your Landy just looks a bit ... shocked with its larger eyes :)

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