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Suspension Choices and sizes Light/Medium/HD

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i am thinking atm that i need to fit some better springs to my Pick up 90 as it leans very far forward as has not much weight at the back end (although this is ok when towing laiden car trailers and the like)

MY question is what type do i need Light, Medium or Heavy Duty? or even Different front to back I.E HD Front, Medium Back etc?

I have winch and bumper on the front, Pick up rear so not much weight but sometimes have an ifor williams back on with lots of gear in it.

Also does anybody know how long (top to Bottom) Standard spings are so i can try and find out if my truck currently has standard size springs on or lifted springs (last owner)

would probly get terrafirma +2" when i buy new anyway


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Springs are a blinkin' nightmare.

I've got Britpart HD ones on mine at the moment, the fronts have sagged and now I'm not carrying much stuff about the rears are too hard by far.

If you do some Googling you'll find all the spring rates and lengths, theres a linky thing on my website listed in my sig below that covers all the LR ones and some OMEmu etc, Terrafirma ones are all online here - Terrafirma.

I'll go for either LR std HD ones or the Terrafirmas when I get round to replacing them. I've just fitted some Terrafirm Big Bore Expedition Dampers to my 110 and they've made a hell of a difference controlling the wobbling offroad.

Will :)

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