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Bolt size

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Does anyone know the bolt size that attaches the bulkhead to the outriggers on a 110 (its a 1989 if that makes any difference)? Just fitted some new running bars i bought from Craddocks - needed a few cuts to get them to fit :angry: - and when torquing up the outrigger nuts, i managed to strip the thread on one nut and would prefer to replace both nuts and bolts (both sides).

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Nope - 8.8 will be fine.

Well, it's an interesting point. The bolt head on my (1996) 110 says '10.9', mind you it was from Britpart, but I suspect it's the correct part as the previous bolt was an absolute swine to drill out. Depends on what you mean by 'fine', will the bulkhead fall off with and 8.8 bolt? Probably not, but I'm cautious and if LR think a 10.9 bolt is the thing to put there and it's not an inconvenience to get one, then that would be my preference.

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Without boring everyone (again!) with lengthy calcs, I am pretty comfortable that an M12 Gr 8.8 bolt will be stronger than the bulkhead tabs which it will tear through before it shears.

In fact, a quick check of the steel designer's manual says that up to 6mm thick in single shear in S275 steel the bolt is stonger than the steel. This goes down to 5mm in S355.

No idea what the bulkhead is made of, but would be very surprised if it was any stronger than S275.

Anyhow, fitting 10.9's will also be fine, but in my opinion, unnecessary.

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