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Fuse box

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In trying to track down possible cause for windscreen washer pump failure the other day (it turned out to be just manky contacts at the pump) I realised for the first time that the values of the fuses in the fuse box by the gearbox bear very little relation to the values suggested on the chart inside the cover.

I am guessing that the PO just stuck in whatever they had available, and to be fair I have had no problems in nearly 4 years. Would it be sensible to try and put them to the correct values and see what happens - trying to correct the issue if they blow - or am I better letting sleeping dogs lie?

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I'd definately put the correct ones in. Might result in a fire otherwise.

Years ago when my mum ran my 110, it kept blowing fuses on the indicator. She got an autoelectrician to have a look and it came back working. We discovered that he had just botched it with a larger fuse and never actually fixed the problem! Changing the indicator arm fixed the problem in the end IIRC.

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I agree in principle that the correct fuses should be in place. Although you should bear in mind that fuses are there to protect the wiring not the bulb/motor etc.

From experience I have often found that washer motor fuses are often rated low - about 5A and that it is worth moving up a bit (7.5A). Other than that I would stick to original specs.

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