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TD4 Smoke,oil in intake pipes, heard it before I'm sure :-)


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Hi, forgive me for this, as no doubt this has come up often and threaded/posted on a number of times. However, just to be sure I'm not missing something ( as there is something unusual going on ) I wanted to just get some extra ideas and confirmations if I may.

Friends 2006 TD4 ( 2.0 ) Freelander. 110k on the clock, Serivced a few weeks back. Recently towed with it, on his way back developed sooty smoke out the tail pipe, upon my limited inspection I found oil ( not to much, but more than there should be ) in the intake/inter-cooler pipes and minimal seepage over various areas on the engine. Engines running fine though.

I've checked for split pipes ( mainly inter-cooler ) and all check out fine so far. I removed the crankcase breather filter ( at the top, between the air filter housing and injectors ) and the foam filter was dripping with oil and looks as though its been there unchanged or checked for at least 2 or 3 services. I also noted the level on the dip stick was way over when I pulled it out, but once wiped it was about right ( wonder about pressure forcing oil up the dipstick pipe a bit ). So I was looking into replacing the whole thing for a cyclone type sold by BMW ( IE the one that broad oaks has on eBay at £40 odd ). Does anyone think this may help/cure the main smoking and oil build up problem ? Any other thoughts ?

BUT, this is where I am super stuck on is ( according to the owner ) that after driving for a while, and putting a bit of welly on, when the smoke starts coming out the exhaust the internal fans/vents kick on and start pouring fumes into the car ?????? I know, I don't get that either. I need to experience it myself. It sounds like he's describing the Air con pump kicking on or off and the internal smoke is linked to this as well. I can only assume that its either totally unrelated, or its where oil is getting either 'in' or 'on' something that leads into the cabin. There are no unusual noises or anything else a miss, just the smoke. Any....hah...thoughts or similar experiences on that ?

Many thanks in advance, I appreciate this is something mentioned before time and time again, but I needed to start a new thread so I could include the weird internal fumes thing as well.

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Thanks for the reply. Problems were found with successful results. The small intake pipe from the main feed to the MAF ?? and main intake body on the front of the engine had split underneath - I had checked all the others but never thought to check the little 3 inch pipe between, so thats note worthy for anyone with similar troubles. And the oil separator filter was clogged, so dumped that in exchange for the BMW cyclone type instead. Landy runs spot on now thankfully.

Thanks again !

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