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Er - Prob the most stupid Q I will ask here - EVER

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Righty Ho

I have now sourced myself a Low Mileage (ie was a factory repalcement) ZF HP24, which I plan to

remove and place on one side and think about fitting along with the new 5.2 :) prob with a Ashcroft Compu shift maybe - that would make a good tech thread :rofl:

Now, the engine has already been removed, so it is easier, but - the Torque Convertor was left outside in

the rain etc and is now red rust on the outside - my stupid Q is

Will this be OK ? and can still be used - or is it now just 30KG of scrap ?

My knowledge of Autoboxes / Torque Convertors etc is "Minimal" to say the least, so hence me daft Q




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Its impossible to get fluids out of the plug free torque converter whether they be ATF or water. Chances are then that there is no rust inside. The sealing surface on the outside spigot needs to be in really good condition. Rust on the outside can be removed manually and the sealing surface polished. Rust is abrasive so to run it in the transmission would be a big gamble.

Usually these things are serviced by turning the weld off and splitting them into 2 shells. I would be inclined to take it to a specialised service centre. Get the lock up shoes replaced at the same time.... or source a replacement.

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It would have been left lying on its back so unless the hole which goes onto the gearbox shaft was covered, it may have a reasonable amount of water / muck in it.. No idea how easy / effective it is to flush or what damage the water can do in there.. I had a similar challenge a while back and felt happier just throwing it away.. Considering the efforts you are going into to clean the engine and the load you will be putting through the setup, its probably a no brainer. ;)

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Bear in mind that the autobox and the torque converter share the same oil supply, and that the one thing that kills autoboxes is cr@p in the oil.

Unless you can absolutely guarantee there is no cr@p whatsoever inside it then do not even consider using it.

If its been covered over the hole so nothing can get in then so long as its only surface rust it should be ok. Just bear in mind that the oil seal surface needs to be in good nick.


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If you are planning on putting something more than a standard 4.6 in front of it (did I hear you say 5.2?) you might need an upgrade anyway. Ashcrofts site has a good explanation of the options. Having said that, they do seem to get a bit of dirt and rust on the outside through use.


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