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Dashboard warning Lights

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Since having the bulkhead changed last year on my 1985 90, I have had one or two problems with the electrickery and the warning lights on the dash panel.

The 90 did have a disco 1 200tdi conversion before I got her, so the harness would(should) have been modified.

Does anyone have a picture or owners manual (early 90 before changing to the defender) showing the dash panel symbols and what should light up on ignition and what should light up during normal operation (Lights on/main beam etc.)

I changed the spade terminals on the brake hydraulic float cap at the weekend and a red warning light shows on ignition and goes out after starting, this is probably OK. So hopefully if I know what should be normal and get those working any other symbols lighting up will be a fault - right?

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with ign on but engine not running you should see --

amber = glowplug light will go out after about 8 secs if timer relay is fitted

red = battery/charge

red = oil pressure

when engine is cranking all the above + the red brake low fluid level [bulb/system check]

these should light up when the circuit is operated

left/right indicator [green] & trailer light when trailer is attached

side lights [green]

main beam [blue]

diff lock [amber] when selected & locked

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i will take a picture soon of my '85 90 dash with a defender 200tdi conversion. when i bought mine a few months ago only the oil and battery light worked.

first thing i fixed was the difflock light. Previous owners have been driving around with difflock on..... ouch. Next was the brake fluid level warning light, parking light and heater coil relay light. low fuel light had a bad connection. high beam light and indicator light worked when they want to.

not too complicated to get the lot working gain. handy when you have the original wires and wiring diagram with original colour coding.

hope to send my landy for COR soon. (African equivalent of MOT). They not too worried about the little stuff in this part of Africa, as long as the wheels turn, you have at least 1 door on and the reverse light works, i should have a pass:)

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I've an additional question... what's the meaning of the 'not used' red waning light on the left bottom row under 'park brake'. I'm now using that one as a waning light for my heated windshield but wonder it's purpose. It looks like this:

post-2702-056653900 1284728696_thumb.jpg

Any ideas?

Just connected the center light (high temperature, also 'not used' next to trailer) to my electric fan thermostat, makes sense IMO.



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