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Power Wash

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Delving deep into the wiring loom on my 90, I find that there is a pair of wires which run down the passenger side wing and end about the same level as the headlight wiring. The colours are light green with red stripe, and black. The cable is terminated with a two 1/4in female spades in a single moulding. The wires are at least 2mm sq, possibly more.

After much head scratching and poring over the diagram, I've reached the conclusion that there are probably for the 'Power Wash" option (which I don't have).

1. Can anyone confirm that I'm right, (or definitely wrong)?

2. What is Power Wash, and why does it need a 25 - 30A circuit?

3. How is the circuit activated if/when the Power Wash option is fitted?



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In the parts manual I have seen drawings for a Defender headlamp washer system.

Headlamp washer pumps are much higher pressure, but I'm not sure whether one would need a supply as hefty as you have found, although the style of connector sounds about right for the job.

On RRC and similar the headlamp washers only operate when you wash the windscreen and the headlights are switched on. My guess would be same for Defender.

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The other end of the light green/red surfaces behind the dashboard at a four way (white, brown, light green/red, blue/white) connector, which would imply a seperate switch / relay set up to only wash with the main beam on. The dashboard plug is called "Power Wash and Norway connector". The wiring size is just pure LR!

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