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Gearbox & Axle advise please

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Might need a wee bit more info there: Tyre size, truck weight, what is the engine (no point us telling you to buy a gearbox that doesn't fit), manual or auto, intended use, space available?

With no info I vote for TF727 3-speed auto, suzuki SJ transfer case and unimog U1300 axlesthefinger.gif

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Hi and thanks for the reply.

Engine Chevy 6.5 Turbo Diesel 215 BHP and 440 lb-ft

Tires size of 37"

Will be used mainly for road week days and pay and ply site weekends.

At the moment i am running a GMC 6.2 non turbo in my 110 with a R380 manual box and Salisbury Disc braked axles.They handle the Torque ok but the 6.2 only puts out 130 BHP and 240 lb-ft torque.Ok the reson for going for the Chevy engine is that I have been making Biodiesel for 5+ years now and they love the stuff even the 215 BHP 6.5 and can't forget the V8 sound !!

I would love to stay with a Manual gearbox if I can .

Many thanks Simon

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Hi Simon, I've got two of those engines right now, but I wouldn't be sure about putting one in a Landrover, the 6.5 is huge and weighs a massive amount. If you're using the 110 as a tow vehicle then maybe, but don't expect it to handle!

The 215hp/440lb/ft version is pretty hard to find, it normally came in Blazers, Hummers and I think some cars. The more common pick up engines have 190hp/385lb/ft. Good find if it is the 215hp version.

Gearbox wise, GMC created the 4L80 for this engine to handle the torque, or fitted the NV4500 manual. I'd stick with one of these. Transfer box wise it depends on your axles, but stick with something that was available behind those gearboxes, either the NP205 or Borgwarner 4407. They don't give you a low, low range like your current LT230 does, so maybe look at keeping the 230 if it suits the axles.

Again with axles, look at what the yanks use. The engine has big torque at low revs which will eat almost anything UK sourced even on 37s. Salisburys are a possible, but you might as well start with their US cousin the Dana 60. GMC pick ups with this engine had either a Corperate 12 bolt, or 14 bolt rear axle, the front was independant. My HD with the same engine has a Dana 70 front and a Dana 80 rear. All these axles are HUGE and will need narrowing to fit under a Landrover. Plus due to the shear size of the diffs they'll reduce ground clearance so that your 37s work like 32s.

This conversion will be a huge undertaking, I did think about it, thinking you could create a Landrover style Hummer, but the work involved is massive to end up with a truck that's pretty compromised.

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what he said, with those sort of torque figures you are looking at 'proper' yank axles or some portals to keep them from exploding. I dont think even arb and ashcroft gubbins in LR axles would take the strain very well. Same with Yota and Nissan axles, probably wouldnt cope unless fully built with longfields etc (mucho $$$$)

its not just the torque either, your 110 would not be a lightweight machine - so even though some yank buggies can get smaller axles to survive with simillar torque, they weigh. considerably less.

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Seems a lot of truble to go to but would love to do it.

I have seen on Ebay defender 90's with 6.2 engines for sale and would have thought the 6.5 was the same weight ?

I have fitted H/D springs and twin shocks to the front of my 110 and seems ok now with the 6.2 lump in it.

Plasticbadger I see on the HMVF Forum that you brought only of the Tavens,thats what i was thinking about as the doner/parts.

regards Simon

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The Tavern axles (Dana 70 front and Dana 80 rear) would certainly do it, as would the gearbox (its a 4L80E with BW 4407) and there's some recon axles in the next Witham tender, which is on now. I don't think there's any complete trucks left, but they had some removed running gear sets that would do the job.

The Dana 80 in particular is huge, it would probably have less ground clearance on 37s than a standard 110.

The 6.5 does put on some weight compared to the 6.2 - in addition to the 6.2 you've got the turbo, manifolds and exhaust, the heavier electrically controlled fuel pump, all the electronic managament gubbins, all the emmissions gubbins, additional cooling including larger rad, oil cooler, transmission cooler and steering cooler. You'd need to be a genius to fit it in a 110 too, you can't even see the 'basic' engine underneath all that lot -

post-5209-063413900 1282892302_thumb.jpg

The Duramax is a lot lighter, much more aluminum is used in it's construction. Plus the way I understand it the Duramax block is petrol small block size, while the 6.2/6.5 blocks are petrol big block size. Cost and getting it to run in a Landrover is another issue.

ps. I'm not saying don't do it, but just be prepared that it's a major undertaking. I thought about it, but decide just to keep the motor in the Chevy chassis that was designed to handle it.

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